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Welcome to Ruten Fjellstue in Gudbrandsdalen and Peer Gynts region. Ruten Fjellstue is located along the Bjørnsonvegen in the north of Espedalen. In the forest and high mountains around us we have great hikings possibilities. From the top of Ruten (1517 m AMSL) you can see 93 mountain peaks in Jotunheimen over 2000 meters. Ruten fjellstue is a good choice for anyone who loves the winter, ski and snow. The summer is the time for weddings and parties, trips by foot, canoeing or take a bike ride. At a short distance you will find Hunderfossen family park and the Peer Gynt theater in Gålå. Over the last 70 years Ruten Fjellstue has been a popular place for lodging, companies and parties. Good food, traditional rooms and a friendly atmosphere are helping to create ever lasting memories.

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In Espedalen you may find Norway's best ski trails. We're start to preparere the slopes as soon as we have enough snow and do this up to the middle of april/Easter. Our Løype machine  has GPS with a GSM transmitter so that the status of the preparation is updated real time and published on

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When the nature and ski slopes are not enough we have our activity program "our friendly wilderness” with ski school and an exciting activity program for young and old. Cannoning in Helvete (the hell): experience the polar adventure in North Europe's largest potholes! Sleigh rides with fjord horses, sunset trip on snowshoes, traditional Lapp kotas-hiking and ice climbing in Helvete. Ski rental: cross country skiing-and hiking ski rental. We use Rottefella NNN BC bindings and system.

Foto: Erik Lindholm Hansen



CANYONING in Helvete with snow shoes.

New activity in a fairy-tale world. Half day trips, a little demanding!

Number of participants in relation with experience and conditions . We go on foot through Northern Europe's largest potholes. Put on warm clothes and shoes. Please take snøgamasjer with you. Min. 3, Max 15 participants. Price NOK 180,-per person.

"HELVETE SPECIAL" with ice-climbing and rappelling.

The canyoning walk is extended with simple ice climbing and rappelling. We will take rope, protection equipment, grappling irons, and ice picks with us. We will customize your trip according to the skill level/wishes of the group.

Min 2-max 5 participants.

Price NOK 500,-per person including equipment and transport.

Bring warm clothes and sturdy shoes. Snøgamasjer and waterproof outer clothing/gloves is a plus. We have some climbing boots for hire.


We walk with snow shoes to the top of the Eldbjørgshaugen and enjoying the view of the Valley and the setting sun. Price NOK 150,-per person, incl. snowshoes hire.

Min. 3, Max 20 participants.

2,500 gallons of water is heated with a wood-fired oven to about 39-40 degrees. Sit and enjoy the warmth of the water. When the circumstances allow it, you can experience a starry sky, the full moon, the northern lights or dense snow weather. It all gives an experience of well-being inside the nature.

When the heat has come well into the body, you can get out and take a snow dip when the snow is not to hard. When you get back in the water, it feels like a thousand needles sticking into the body. Here in the mountain lodge, we call this the "Arthurpunktur".

In the winter, Dalseter hotel, offers horse sleigh rides for 1 or 2 days a week, the ride takes about 45 minutes including stops and serving of hot drinks. They use their fjord horses and normally the round trip goes up to our lavvoo by the upper Dalseter, the driver will tell a Norwegian folk tale-and sometimes a story about the trolls in Espedalen! A nice and charming experience for young and old. Sometimes the trip goes to our mountain lodge were drinks are served. Weather conditions will determine if the trip will take place.

Foto: Erik Lindholm Hansen, Geir Egil Skog, Arthur Bredli
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Skal du på sykkeltur i sommer så prøv Mjølkevegen.

Mjølkevegen er en tur på ca. 250 km som går i vakkert fjell- og seterlandskap fra Vinstra til Gol. Den er skiltet i begge retninger fra Ruten Fjellstue i Espedalen gjennom Valdres til Storefjell Resort på Golsfjellet. Mjølkevegen er kåret til en av Norges flotteste turer på sykkel. Store deler av ruta inngår i nasjonal sykkelrute nr. 5.

(Foto: Harald Bolstad)

For mer informasjon se hjemmesiden til Mjølkevegen.
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In Espedalen are the conditions perfect for almost all mountain and outdoor activities. We have hiking trails in the forest and mountains, connected to the DNT-trails in Langsua national park, Espedalen and huldreheimen, great possiblities for kayaking, wonderful bicycle possibilities along the roads and tracks as well as several mines and the great natur that can be explored.

Our activity programme "our friendly wilderness" has an exciting activity programme for both young and old.

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Espedalen covers the area from the north of Vestre Gausdal to Gålå through Gausdal and up to South-Fron community and is part of beautiful mountain valley Gudbrandsdal. Espedalen is in many contexts called "our friendly wilderness", this because of its uniqueness that valley has managed to keep. Nature adventures are many and can not be measured by just looking, they have to be experienced.
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Below you will find the link to information on almennings cottages, boots, hunting and fishing.

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There are several maps about Espedalen. Most of them are sold at local book stores, at and at Ruten Fjellstue. In addtion we have a good bicycle map that cover the area Skeikampen, Kvitfjell, Gålå, Fefor and Espedalen. The other maps are a combinationwith information about the ski trails, hiking trails and bicycle paths/trails.
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Ruten Fjellstue has his own brewery which is called "Espedalen Fjellbryggeri".
Because of the Norwegian law we can write little about the brewery on our web side, but we will gladly answer all your questions. It is also possible to follow to follow Arthur on his blog bryggerblogg.
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The Protection plan for Langsua park was adopted by the King's court on 11.03.2011.
Langsu national park is an extension of the former Ormtjernkampen national park. The new National Park is about 537 square kilometers.
Langsua_faktaark.pdf .
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Issue 46 of Ruten Ski club magazin is ready and has been sent to all the members.
The magazin is also available at Ruten Fjellstue.
You can read the magazin here.
DerIf you want to know more about Ruten Ski club you can visit

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